• Hera provides collaborative spend management and procurement solution

Hera is a spend management platform which helps organizations across the globe with their procurement, travel, expense, and invoice management. The comprehensive business spend management platform provides end users powerful capabilities and built-in automation helps corporations reduce cost and redundancies. By integrating real-time spend data and using artificial intelligence to audit all transactions, corporations can see exactly what they are spending without worrying about blind spots in their budget. If streamlining your financial processes, gaining visibility into your overall spend, and releasing working capital from your supply chain are your needs, Hera can get you there quickly.


Spend Management

  • See exactly where money flows
  • Trends and overview insights broken down by users, departments, categories and suppliers
  • Gather data needed to set spend management policies
  • Maximize spend under management
  • By maximizing pre-approved spend, you get complete visibility of your entire purchase-to-pay processes

Purchasing Workflow Automation

  • Streamline requesting items, travel and expense. Optimize approval process and tracking
  • Approval chain can check the status of purchasing requisitions and approve or reject, speeding up your approval process
  • Manage core purchase to pay processes: Request, approve, purchase, receive, invoice matching
  • Confidently pay for the right thing with 3-way matching and built-in AI

Expense Management

  • Approve and track expense across your operation
  • Manage compliance for sales and marketing expenses
  • Track all spending on the go and from anywhere
  • Expense claim request allow faster reimbursement

Real-Time Budget Tracking

  • Set up budget by department, location, projects and more
  • Real time analytics provide actual vs committed spending comparison
  • Real-time dashboards and budget tracking for each budget item track current spend against goals
  • Enforce budget freeze to control spend

Third Party and Supplier Management

  • Leverage a central repository to easily find and access your contracts with third parties and suppliers
  • Create and send purchase orders to suppliers easily
  • Create supplier quality matrix and track for speed, accuracy, quality and price
  • Leverage a central repository to easily find and access your contracts
  • Create approved items and services catalog for easy approval and procurement

Flexible User Permissions

  • High user adoption creating maximum value
  • Design roles with permisisons that fit your need
  • View and manage users permissions, acess and analytics


We provide a dedicated customer success manager to all of our business partners.

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