jNext Technology is enabling digital transformation in the life sciences industry from early stage research and development to commercial product quality management. We are simplifying complex regulatory processes to obtain structured and unstructured data for our customers by empowering users and by streamlining business operations.

Meet Our Team


Products and Services Lead

Steve spent over twenty five years in process analytical technologies and scale up operation for the pharmaceutical industry. Currently he is leading our products and services group.


Compliance Lead

Emily spent over twenty years in discovery, preclinical and clinical research for leading pharmaceutical companies. She has also been a fellow at the FDA. She is our product compliance lead.


Informatics And Process Development Lead

David has been an informatics and process development leader in the life sciences industry for over twenty five years. He is leading our industry 4.0 initiatives.


Software Development Lead

Tony developed numerous scalable solution for IT industry in last two decade. He is leading our global data science team.


Asia Pacific Regional Lead

Karan developed software solutions in sports and travel industry for nearly fifteen years. He is managing our team members in Asia-Pacific region.


Europe Regional Lead

Christian actively participates in patient centric research and development. He is our European customers’ first point of contact.

Dr. Datta

Medical Devices Lead

Dr. Datta has over thirty years of experience in intensive care and medical devices industry. He is our products and services advisor.